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Yom Kippur Appeal 5782

A Message from Rabbi Wolkenfeld:

Dear Anshe Sholom,

In our holiday prayers we ask for “return” and we ask for “renewal”. As we stand at the cusp of the new year there is no contradiction between asking for God’s help in “teshuvah”, a return to how things were before a rupture, and praying “hadesh aleinu shanah tovah”, which expresses hope in something new and unprecedented.

Our beloved shul as well finds itself in a moment of return and a moment of renewal. After Covid shut and emptied our building, we have returned to the ancient rhythm of daily prayers, the weekly Torah portion, and the sounds of children laughing as they sing in our classrooms and parking lot with their teachers.

The potential of this moment for the renewal of our communal life is enormous. The hardship and tragedy of the past years have shifted the priorities of so many people and that, in turn, has inspired us to dream of a community that is more united, more impactful, more caring, and more relevant than ever before. 

As always, the most precious and indispensable resources for our community are your involvement and your passions. The Yom Kippur Appeal provides the shul with the financial means to convert your passions into a strong and resilient congregation that can meet the needs of its members and serve as a Jewish resource for our entire neighborhood.

With our best wishes for your health, happiness, and safety in 5782,
Rabbi David & Sara Wolkenfeld

Noam, Akiva, Hillel, Sophie & Yonatan               

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Thu, December 9 2021 5 Tevet 5782