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Yom Kippur Appeal 5778


A Message from Rabbi Wolkenfeld:


Dear Anshe Sholom:

More than ever, I feel blessed to live and work in our unparalleled ASBI community. 

The diversity, dynamism, and natural beauty of Lakeview continues to inspire, and draws new members to our neighborhood every year. Our balance of reverence for Jewish tradition and forward thinking is a model for Jewish communities around the world. Within our shul, friendships that span decades are reinforced, while newcomers are welcomed and invited to participate and shape our community. We are a shul whose love for Israel is unshakable, and whose love for humanity is manifest in service to our neighbors, fellow-citizens, and others around the world of every race, religion, and nationality.

Every day of the year, week in and week out, the sound of prayer and Torah study fills our beit midrash and sanctuary. Week in and week out, hospitality is extended and accepted, friendships are formed, and marriages celebrated. Babies are being born, and academic, professional, and personal accomplishments are joyously shared among friends and family. The daily minyan is reliable and friendly. Shabbat services are well attended by children, students, professionals, and retirees. The shul is a source of support during difficult times and mourners are comforted.

The indispensable ingredients for our community’s bright future are your continued belief in the future of ASBI, your commitment to participate in our community, and your generous contribution to the Yom Kippur Appeal.

The Yom Kippur Appeal is a core source for the funding that gives ASBI the financial resources to turn your commitments and our common vision into a reality that we can all experience and enjoy.

Please accept my family’s best wishes for a happy, healthy, and fulfilled 5778.

Shannah Tovah,
Rabbi David and Sara Wolkenfeld
Noam, Akiva, Hillel, Sophie, & Yonatan



If you haven’t yet made your pledge to the 5778 Yom Kippur Appeal, now is the time to do so! Please select one of the levels below, or enter in the amount you would like to donate. You will then be directed to a payment page. The shul is counting on your support!







Thu, July 19 2018 7 Av 5778