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Yom Kippur Appeal 5780

A Message from Rabbi Wolkenfeld:

Dear Anshe Sholom,

As the year 5780 begins, our shul’s membership is growing, our shul’s impact is growing, and our need for your support is growing.

More children than ever before are participating in Shabbat morning groups and educational programming at the shul. Through both new and old educational initiatives, we are inspiring and empowering our community’s next generation to make an enduring commitment to Torah and Mitzvot.

“The Straw Hat”, our shul’s podcast, has been downloaded thousands of times in dozens of states and in countries around the globe. Torah from Lakeview is educating and enlightening people near and far.

We have continued to make progress towards developing a plan to renovate our 60-year-old building in ways that will redound to the benefit of our congregation and the experience of those who worship with us for decades to come.

Amidst all that is new at ASBI, the sacred cycle of day following day, week following week, has continued unabated. The daily minyan is reliable and friendly. Shabbat services are well-attended by children, students, professionals, and retirees. The shul is a source of support during difficult times and mourners are comforted.

The indispensable ingredients for our shul’s bright future are your continued belief in the future of ASBI, your commitment to participate in our community, and your generous contribution to the Yom Kippur Appeal.

The Yom Kippur Appeal is a core source for the funding that gives ASBI the financial resources to turn your commitments and our common vision into a reality that we can all experience and enjoy.

Please accept my family’s best wishes for a happy, healthy, and fulfilled 5780.

Shannah Tovah,
Rabbi David and Sara Wolkenfeld
Noam, Akiva, Hillel, Sophie, & Yonatan



To read the inspiring Yom Kippur Appeal that was delivered by VP of Ways & Means, Erica Phillips, offering 5 compelling reasons why you should support ASBI, click here.

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Fri, July 3 2020 11 Tammuz 5780