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Yom Kippur Appeal 5783

A Message from Rabbi Wolkenfeld:

Dear Friends,

Along with so many of you, my life has been transformed by the ASBI community during the years in which my family and I have lived among you. At the turning of the year, we are reminded that the only essential ingredients for this community’s continued flourishing are the commitments of each one of you to one another and your faith in the future of Jewish life in Lakeview.

Newcomers continue to join the shul, attracted by our beloved Lakeview neighborhood and ASBI’s reputation for a compelling vision of Jewish tradition. Week in and week out, hospitality is extended and accepted, friendships are formed, and marriages celebrated. Babies are being born, and academic, professional, and personal accomplishments are joyously shared among friends and family. The daily minyan is reliable and friendly. Shabbat services are well attended by children, students, professionals, and retirees. The shul is a source of support during difficult times and mourners are comforted.

The Yom Kippur Appeal is a crucial source for the funding that gives ASBI the financial resources to turn your dedication and vision for Jewish life in Lakeview  into a reality that can be experienced and enjoyed.

Please accept all of our best wishes for a happy, healthy, and fulfilled 5783.

Shannah Tovah,
Rabbi David & Sara Wolkenfeld

Noam, Akiva, Hillel,  Sophie & Yonatan

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Sat, November 26 2022 2 Kislev 5783