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Yom Kippur Appeal 5781

A Message from Rabbi Wolkenfeld:

Dear Anshe Sholom,

A shul is a “counter-cyclical” institution; when hard times arrive, the shul is called upon to do more. This is true in the life of an individual or family, and this is true in the life of a community. When there is suffering, there is a need to provide comfort. When there is fear, there is a need to give reassurance. When there is mourning, there is a need to offer condolences. 

The months that have passed have been unlike anything we have experienced and unlike anything we had expected. The months that will come will almost certainly surprise us in ways it would be foolish to predict. But there are some enduring constants in the life of our shul. The bonds that connect the members of our community are strong. The inherited resilience of our ancestors, who survived persecution and displacement to transmit Judaism, continues to inspire. The pillars of Jewish life—Torah, prayer, and acts of care and kindness—are capable of sustaining the world even when practiced outside of a synagogue building.

With God’s help, the courage and expertise of medical professionals, and the faith and patience of a united global family, the current pandemic will be defeated. Through your generous financial support, the shul will be here then, ready to host joyous gatherings, just as the shul has been here to provide support during the darkest days.

Please accept my blessings for your health, safety, and happiness in 5781.

Rabbi David & Sara Wolkenfeld
Noam, Akiva, Hillel, Sophie & Yonatan

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Sun, June 13 2021 3 Tammuz 5781