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Many members of our shul are having to change their previously laid plans for Passover. At this point we cannot confidently recommend that anyone make plans to gather beyond their immediate family for sedarim, and therefore our shul seder has been canceled and we will not be arranging home hospitality. 

That said, we are here to support you in preparing for Passover. We know that many of you have not been in Lakeview for Passover in a while, if ever, and find the idea of preparing for a socially-distanced Passover daunting. Do not worry. We will help make the yom tov as joyous as possible. Many resources are available below, and you can reach out to the Religious Leadership Team with the questions you might have.

In these times of uncertainty, it feels important to remember that the certainty of the Jewish calendar can be a source of stability. Throughout the ups and downs of Jewish history, Jews have made sedarim on the 15th of Nissan under all sorts of circumstances, and we too will share in that legacy. As the world shifts around us, our ancient calendar and customs continue strong - and they can be a source of strength for us as well. 



Wednesday, April 8, Erev Pesach
Siyum via Zoom: 7:30 AM
Stop Eating Hametz: 10:42 AM
Dispose of Hametz by: 11:47 AM
Candle Lighting: 7:07 PM
1st Cup After: 8:08 PM

Thursday, April 9, 1st Day of Pesach
Candle Lighting & Start Second Seder after: 8:08 PM

Friday, April 10, 2nd Day of Pesach
Shabbat Candle Lighting: Before 7:09 PM

Saturday, April 11, Shabbat Chol Hamoed Pesach
Havdalah: 8:10 PM

Tuesday, April 14, Erev Yom Tov
Candle Lighting: 7:13 PM

Wednesday, April 15, 7th Day of Pesach
Candle Lighting after: 8:15 PM

Thursday, April 16, 8th Day of Pesach, Yizkor
Yizkor is recited Thursday morning. Find the text for Yizkor on Sefaria here or download from Koren here.
Havdalah: 8:16 PM

  • Read Rabbi Wolkenfeld’s introductory letter to this year’s Passover.

  • Visit to arrange for the Sale of Hametz. The deadline is Monday, April 6, at 11:30 PM.

    Firstborn children are invited to attend a siyum on Wednesday morning, commemorating the completion of a talmudic tractate. The siyum substitutes for a day of fasting that commemorates God’s saving of the Israelite first-born children when the Egyptian first-born were killed in the tenth plague. Click here to join via Zoom or call 312-626-6799 and use Meeting ID 924 897 9279, Password: 540.

  • Read the 5780 Passover Laws and Customs document, updated this year to reflect our inability to gather in shul, and including detailed instructions for how to kasher pots and utensils at home in lieu of the Boilathons typically held at shul.

  • We have prepared a document called “The Minimalist’s Guide to Passover and the Seder” geared towards individuals who may not have made Passover or the Seder in their homes in the past and are looking to keep it simple. Individuals participating in our Seder order will still find this document useful for thinking about other Yom Tov, Shabbat and Chol HaMoed meals. 

  • The First Seder in Two Parts
    This Passover, many families are struggling for ways to celebrate Passover together even as public-health guidelines will prevent us from physically gathering as we would in a typical year. One possible solution to this problem is to divide the first Seder into two halves. Click here for instructions.

  • Read our Combating Loneliness Document for some suggestions for Shabbatot spent alone and an article written by Dr. Michelle Friedman entitled, “COVID-19 and the Challenge of Spending Pesach Alone.”

  • Since we can't host large, hospitable seders this year, we have created the ASBI Seder Companion to bring the voices of our fellow ASBI community members into our seders. We hpe you enjoy this document full of short insights that you can read at the seder night.

  • Listen to the latest episode of The Straw Hat for more about preparing for Pesach and kashering dishes at home: "Vayikra 5780: Passover & Pandemic"

  • View our guide to Tefillah At Home: First Days of Pesach & Shabbat Chol Hamoed

  • View our guide to  Tefillah At Home: Second Days of Pesach

  • Seders-to-Go orders are no longer available. If you have placed an order and have any questions, please email shul@asbi.orgIf you would like to help cover the cost of Seders-To-Go for our community, sponsorship opportunities are available. Visit and select "Seder-To-Go Sponsorship" to participate.











Wed, December 2 2020 16 Kislev 5781