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Please view the available dates below that you can sign up to be a Shabbat dinner host! Click "Register Now" to sign up -- you will be asked for your information and how many guests you are able to host.

Scroll down past the listing to learn more. If you have any questions, email


11/09/2018 Shabbat Dinner - Friday, November 9 Register Now
11/16/2018 Shabbat Dinner - Friday, November 16 Register Now
11/23/2018 Shabbat Dinner - Friday, November 23 Register Now


Anshe Sholom is famous across Lakeview and the United States for its warm community and abundant hachnasat orchim - hospitality. It is inspiring to hear Rabbi Wolkenfeld announce every Friday night that "we are always looking for more guests and more hosts for Friday night dinner." Guests seeking hospitality include visitors passing through Lakeview, families contemplating a move to our neighborhood, and members of the community who are interested in spending a meal with others.
We have launched a new initiative to proactively find Shabbat dinner hosts who will commit weeks or months in advance to set extra places at their table for those interested in being a guest. 
We hope that each household that is capable of serving a meal in compliance with the ASBI Community Standards for Kashrut and Shabbat will sign up to be a designated host at least once per year. At the conclusion of Friday night tefilot, the name and address of that week's host will be shared with individuals looking for a meal. Last minute hosts with an extra seat or two at their table will still be able to invite guests they meet in shul as before, but we hope that this new system will enhance our capacity for hachnasat orchim and include more households in this mitzvah.
We have a tremendous amount of gratitude to the households who repeatedly open their homes to guests week in and week out, and are excited for both new and veteran hosts to step forward and become part of our regular rotation. 


Q) How do I sign up to be a Shabbat dinner host?
Click "Register Now" on one of the dates above and fill in the requested info. A member of the committee will then respond to confirm you are hosting.

Q) How many people am I expected to host?
A) There is a spot on the form to indicate the maximum number of people you have room to host, but at a minimum we would ask that you keep two seats open at your table.

Q) What level of Kashrut is expected?
A) We ask that all hospitality that takes place through the shul conforms to the shul's Kashrut and Shabbat Community Standards. If your kitchen does not comply with ASBI Community Standards, consider purchasing food from a kosher take-out restaurant and serving it on disposable plates. We believe that serving a kosher Shabbat meal is the birthright of every Jew, and we will work with you to make that possible for your household. You can find a link to those standards HERE. Please be in touch with Rabbi Wolkenfeld if you have any further questions on keeping a kosher home.

Q) What types of people typically ask to be hosted?
A) We are blessed to have a diverse group of people seeking to be hosted each Shabbat: from people traveling through Chicago, to people coming specifically to visit Lakeview and considering moving here, and regular shul members looking to meet new people and have a Shabbat meal with other community members. 

Q) What steps can the shul take to protect my safety and privacy?
Your name and address will not be listed on the website or in the bulletin. At Friday night tefilot the rabbi will announce the name of the designated host and make sure potential guests meet him or her. Individuals who behave in frightening ways are prevented from entering the shul by the security guard. If a potential guest makes you feel anxious for any reason, you can let the rabbi or the security guard know and that individual will not be allowed to follow you to your home.

Q) If I do not attend shul Friday night, how will guests know when and where to find me?
A) We do not require that the host of the week attend shul, but do ask that you ensure at least one person going to your meal attends shul and let the rabbi and hospitality committee know who this person is, so we can make the introduction to any guests after tefilot. 

Q) What time should our dinner start? Especially if we are not planning on attending davening.
A) We ask that dinners start at a reasonable time from when shul is finished - roughly 1.5 hours after candle lighting. Check the online calendar or your ASBI Candlelighting Times Magnet (extras are available in the lobby).

Q) How do I get more involved in hospitality at ASBI?
A) We are always encouraging people to open their homes up to more guests. If you are interested in hosting people overnight on Shabbat, or even joining the hospitality committee, please speak with either Rabbi Wolkenfeld or Committee Chair Josh Grob to learn more!











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