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5779 Sermons


Nitzavim 5779: "Proof of Concept"

Eikev 5779: "Complacence, Fragility, Gratitude."

Devarim 5779: "Why We Fast"

Matot-Masei 5779: "This is What Your Fathers Did"

Pinchas 5779: "To These Will I Give the Land"

Balak 5779: "Of Donkeys and Angels"

Chukat 5779: "There's a Typo in the Parsha"

Korach 5779: Sermon by Rabbanit Dr. Devorah Schoenfeld, "Reading Korach on July 4"

Sh'lach 5779: "But As For the Children"

Beha'alotcha 5779: "Egyptian Cucumbers"

Nasso 5779: "One is Obligated to Teach Torah to His Daughters: From a Feminist Satire to Democratic Elitism"

Bamidbar 5779: "Count Lovingly"

Bechukotai 5779: "Safety in Numbers"

Emor 5779: "For Stranger and Citizen Alike"

Kedoshim 5779: "The Golden Mitzvah"

Tazria 5779: "Identity and Stigmatization"

Shmini 5779

Tzav 5779: "Two Paths Converge"

Vayikra 5779: "The Memory of the Righteous is a Blessing"

Pekudei 5779: "Beyond Identity"

Vayakhel 5779: "Six Days You Shall Work and the Seventh Shall be Shabbat"

Ki Tisa 5779: "To Be or Not to Be"

Mishpatim 5779: "Peshat, Halakhah, and Torah Study"

Yitro 5779: "Law and Narrative"

Beshalach 5779: "That Shabbat Feeling"

Bo 5779: "With our Children We Shall Go Forth"

Shemot 5779: "The Israelite People are Too Numerous"

Vayechi 5779: "Hardheaded Altruism"

Vayeshev 5779: "Profiles in Cowardice"

Vayishlach 5779: "Striving and Prevailing"

Vayetzei 5779: "Exiled Among Nations"

Chayei Sara 5779: "A Pittsburgh Sojourner"

Vayera 5779: "This Was the Sin of Your Sister Sodom"

Lech Lecha 5779: "What’s in a Name?"

Noach 5779: "Somewhere Under the Rainbow"

Bereshit 5779: "Nothing but Evil all the Time"

Chol Hamoed Sukkot 5779: "A Wicked One Endures Despite His Wickedness"

Ha'Azinu 5779: "Synesthesia"

Yom Kippur 5779: "Radiance"

Rosh Hashanah Day 2 5779: "Yesterday’s Paper Telling Yesterday’s News"

Rosh Hashanah Day 1 5779: "Speaking Poetry to Power"












Thu, November 30 2023 17 Kislev 5784