Chesed Committee

Organizes the delivery of food to shiva homes; helps families with a newborn by providing meals and/or baby-sitting; coordinates hospital visits as well as visits to elderly or those who are unable to leave their homes; recruits volunteers from within the shul membership to take part in these tasks; initiates new chesed projects as needs arise.

Chair: Linda Saiger & Sara Wolkenfeld


Education Committee

Designs each semester of adult education classes at the ASBI Torah Study Institute to ensure that it caters to a variety of skill levels and interests; sets up visiting scholars; and plans any educational events at ASBI.

Chair: Anna Pomson


Family Programs Committee

Coordinates all aspects of children’s programming at the synagogue, including Shabbat and Holiday children’s services, Friday night family dinners, and all family events.

Subcommittee: B’nai Mitzvah
Parents of B’nai Mitzvah-aged children thinking about how to best serve our growing group of B’nai Mitzvah.

Chair: Jennifer Loeb


Finance Committee

Under the guidance of the treasurer, helps create the annual budget, tracks operating expenses, coordinates budgets for special events, and oversees the shul’s investment strategies.

Chair: Asher Zarkowsky


Hospitality Committee

Arranges housing and meals for guests to the community; coordinates Shabbat meals for anyone looking to be a host or a guest; initiates new programs to help encourage hospitality within the community.

Chairs: David Eisenstein


House Committee

Responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the building and grounds. Makes recommendations to the board regarding security issues and the aesthetics of the synagogue.

Chair: Margalit Segal


Israel Committee

Runs social and educational programming related to Israel; coordinates Friday night dinners and Learning Lunches on Shabbat; organizes annual Yom Haatzmaut (Israel Independence Day), and Yom Yerushalayim celebrations.

Chair: Herbert Eiseman


Kiddush Committee

Plans the weekly Kiddush and coordinates with sponsoring parties.

Chair: Beverly Agdern


Mikvah Committee

Coordinates regular upkeep and functioning of the mikvah; initiates new educational events surrounding the use of the mikvah.

Chair: Ruth Lipman


Ritual Committee

Advises the rabbi and the Programming Director in all matters relating to the religious life of the synagogue.

Subcommittee: The Gabbinate
Coordinates Torah readers, leaders of davening, aliyot and honors.

Chair: Dr. Ira Halper


Social Action Committee

Acts as ASBI’s arm in social justice work around Lakeview and the larger Chicago community.

Chair: Irene Lehrer Sandalow


Ways and Means Committee

Manages all fundraising efforts of the shul which include the major holiday- related efforts such as the Yom Kippur Appeal, organizing the mishloach manot for Purim (includes soliciting goods, packing and pizza night, etc); may promote non-holiday related special events that help raise funds for the shul.

Chair: Ross Weisman


Women's Programming

Women's events are open to women of all ages at ASBI and include holiday programming, monthly women's mincha services, and social programming. Shul members are available to teach others to read Torah and lead services.

Chairs: Yarden Cottrell, Devorah Schoenfeld, Libby Smoler, Amy Zaretsky
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Young Professionals Committee

The ASBI Young Professionals Committee organizes Shabbat dinners and social events for young adults in their 20's and 30's.

Chairs: Ann Levenson, Ava Madoff, Debi Schrimmer








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