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Rabbi David Wolkenfeld: 917-621-5678
Rabbanit Sara Wolkenfeld: 917-621-5671




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    • Ideas for Spending Shabbat at Home with Your Kids - Updated for Behar-Bechukotai
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      • Pocket Beit Midrash
        Short audio shiurim will be distributed throughout the week at
      • Daf Yomi
        Participating in the new Daf  Yomi cycle? Join ASBI’s Daf Yomi WhatsApp group, where you can post questions, favorite quotes of the day, and more. Join at
      • Chesed Committee
        The Chesed Committee is looking for additional recruits to reach out in the coming days to the most vulnerable members of our community to check in with them and assist them as needed.
    • Learn & Earn

      The rhythms of Jewish life surround some basic skills and prayers that every Jew should have. With Learn & Earn, we hope to encourage your children to master them. Learn more about this program at

    • The Straw Hat Podcast
      Catch up on previous episodes at! New episodes will be released every other Wednesday.

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      Check out videos from past ASBI shiurim you may have missed.

    • Resources for Parents with Preschoolers at Home from Tara Holden
      If you are interested in receiving a few ideas daily that can be done at home with preschoolers please fill out the google form here. My goal will be to send this out each morning and to vary the types of activities. Hope this helps keep the little ones engaged and entertained a bit while staying home. -Tara Holden

    • Spiritual Resources and Responses to COVID-19 Pandemic gathered by Rabbi Wolkenfeld


  • Chesed Committee
    The Chesed Committee has been hard at work, assessing and meeting the needs of members of our community. Please click here to join the Chesed WhatsApp group or email Sara Wolkenfeld at

    You are also invited to visit and select “Chesed Fund” to support these efforts or “Torah Fund” which supports Jewish education and poverty relief and which will make additional cash disbursements to needy members of the community. Please let us know if you have needs or concerns or suggestions of how we can help our community.
  • Chesed Opportunity for Children:
    Looking for an meaningful activity to do with your family? Connect with a resident living at The Selfhelp Home. Send them an art project, a picture of you (self portrait or photo), a letter, or a postcard. It can be Shabbat-themed! After this is all over, you can come meet the resident face to face!

    Click here for sign-up and project ideas.

    • If you are experiencing increased symptoms of anxiety or depression and would like a confidential referral to a mental health professional at this time, you can contact the following ASBI Members:
    • Building ASBI Community Connections
      To continue to encourage the strong bonds of community, ASBI will connect people who may be interested in being in touch on a regular basis. The goal will be to ensure that social networks are available to everyone in the shul, so that the warmth of our community enters everyone’s homes even during these isolating times. To sign up, click here.
    • ASBI Small Business Task Force
      Have a business and looking for ways to be successful through this crisis? Wondering what to do with employees, whether to take loans on, remote working best practices, and how to explore alternate revenue models? A number of people from our community have come forward to offer consulting services to serve as soundboards for making tough decisions with ASBI business owners. We can help come up with scenarios, crunch numbers, share what that means for your business, and recommend what you can do to adapt.

      If you'd like to engage with us, or volunteer as a consultant, please email

      The inspiration for this initiative came from this shiur by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks.
    • Combating Loneliness on Shabbat and Yom Tov
    • Mental Health Coping Strategies, from Sharon Jedel PsyD
      The Covid-19 pandemic has caused an abrupt and radical change in our daily lifestyles. Many people are experiencing significant anxiety about all of the uncertainty regarding our health and safety. There is also a huge amount of information being disseminated online. I want to recommend THIS LINK, from the CDC website, regarding mental health and coping during Covid-19. In addition to general information about mental health and coping strategies, there is specific information for parents, responders, and people who have been released from quarantine.
    • Resources for Children and Families from Amy Pappas, LCSW
    • JCFS Recommended Reading for Parents 
      JCFS recommends the following publication for “Talking with Children During Infectious Disease Outbreaks”:
    • cRc List of Items That Do Not Require Hashgachah For Year-Round Use
      Due to COVID-19, more consumers have turned to online shopping for their groceries, which makes it more difficult to determine whether a given item is kosher-certified. To facilitate shopping in this new reality, the cRc has compiled a short list of items that do not require certification. Download the list here.

    • If you missed a communication from ASBI, click here to see what's been sent out since our shul has moved online.



















Mon, July 26 2021 17 Av 5781