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Shul Do's & Don'ts

All are welcome to attend services at Anshe Sholom B'nai Israel. Here are highlights of our community standards for practices and observance while attending a religious service in our shul:


Kedushat Mikdash (Sanctity of the Synagogue):

We strive to maintain meaningful services full of prayer and contemplation which calls on all of us to refrain from unrelated discussions during services.  The back of the shul is to be used only to enter and exit, not for davening or schmoozing. Please respect the sanctity of our synagogue, and limit talking and take a seat, or stand at the appropriate side of the shul, within either the men’s section or the women’s section.


Head Coverings:

All men and boys are kindly asked to cover their heads, in some way, during services. This is a traditional sign of humility and respect.


Carry a Torah:

Anshe Sholom has adopted the custom of many Orthodox synagogues to have women carry the Torah through the women’s section. A Torah is so holy that any man or woman can hold it without fear of affecting the holiness of the Torah. Rather the Torah can imbue the man or woman holding it with a sense of holiness, awe, and wonder. We usually have one woman carry the Torah and another woman walk behind her as a "shomeret" or escort.


Coats, etc:

In order to keep the lobby and library of our shul clear from clutter, both mornings and afternoons, we ask that you please place all outerwear on the coat racks provided downstairs. We ask that the limited space available on the lobby coat rack be reserved for those for whom walking up and down the stairs poses a physical hardship. Please do not leave coats on tables, chairs, or railings.


Motor Vehicles:

Because Halacha prohibits driving and riding on Shabbat and Yamim Tovim (holidays), the synagogue’s parking lot is closed at those times, from sunset until Havdala, and is accessible at those times only to our non-Jewish staff such as our custodian and security guard.


See you in shul!


Mon, September 16 2019 16 Elul 5779