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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What is Project Mishpacha?

Project Mishpacha is an ASBI program where members join together for monthly Shabbat meals.

What is the goal of Project Mishpacha?

The goal of Project Mishpacha is for ASBI members to get to know each other better through shared meals.

When will Project Mishpacha meet?

In 2017-18, Project Mishpacha will meet on the 3rd Shabbat of the month for Shabbat lunch. The dates will be December 16, January 20, February 17, March 17, April 21, and May 19. Please mark your calendar now and make sure you can attend most of these dates before you sign up - Project Mishpacha works best when group members show up!

Where will Project Mishpacha meet?

Project Mishpacha will meet in participants’ homes and/or party rooms. Groups will be kept to about 8-12 participants so that as many people as possible can host this year.

What groups are being offered this year?

The groups, called “mishpachot”, that are being offered this year include: Board Games, Multi-Generational, Young Professionals, and Meet New People. You can also propose your own group as long as all participants in the group list it as their first choice.

What food will the synagogue provide?

This year we are offering two tracks, both with the same group options. In the first track, the synagogue provides only the entree. In the second track, participants make their own entrees and the synagogue provides only dessert.

What should I bring to the meal?

Every month, you will be asked to sign up to bring something. By you signing up, we know that you are coming and will include you in our food order. The components of the meal that you can choose from will be grape juice/wine, challah, paper goods, salad/ vegetable side, starch side dish (rice, potatoes, pasta), entree, and dessert.  Depending on which track you choose, the synagogue will either provide the entree or the dessert. All food that is brought should either have a shul-approved hechshur or meet the ASBI Community Standards of Kashrut (learn more here).


Is there any cost?

Besides the cost of whatever you sign up to bring to each meal, the cost for participants in the entree track is $54 per adults and $28 per child age 3-12. The cost for participants in the dessert track is $18 per adult and $18 per child age 3-12. However, the cost to the shul is significantly more than we are charging, so a voluntary opportunity will be provided to contribute as much as you want in order to help defray the costs of the program.

How do I sign up?

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