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Ongoing Classes
These classes are part of our everyday programming. We hope you can join us!

Daf Yomi
Rabbi David Wolkenfeld and the Minyanaires

Immediately after Shacharit on Sunday-Friday mornings
Join Rabbi Wolkenfeld and the Minyanaires for Daf Yomi, the synchronized study of one Talmudic page each day, every weekday morning after Shacharit.


Parsha Discussion Group

12:30 PM on Shabbat afternoons
Join Dr. Leonard Kranzler and a group of friendly and motivated ASBI members to discuss the weekly parsha, the daf yomi, Pirkei Avot (Ethics of the Fathers) and other exciting topics.

Shabbat Afternoon Shiur
Rabbi David Wolkenfeld, ASBI Intern, or Guest

Shabbat afternoons, about 45 minutes before Mincha.
Textual readings related to Parsha, Jewish thought, and other relevant topics.


Project Mishpacha
Project Mishpacha is a yearly program open to all ASBI Members.

Project Mishpacha is an ASBI program where members join together for monthly Shabbat meals. The goal of Project Mishpacha is for ASBI members to get to know each other better through shared meals. Participants are divided into groups, called “mishpachot”, based around various themes and demographics including Board Games, Multi-Generational, Young Professionals, and Meet New People. Groups meet in each other's home and share a meal, with part of the meal provided by the shul, and the rest being provided by the participants. Registration is offered once a year in the fall and the groups typically meet for 6-7 monthly meals per year. Learn more at












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